Christmas 2013
Hello! I am Amanda. Wife to Isaiah and mama to Hunter. I am glad you've stopped by. My goal with this blog is to be personal and helpful. I share snippets of my life, mostly, and sometimes the posts dig a little deeper. I also try to help readers discover new products, places, and experiences or deal with issues from infertility to parenting woes. I hope you'll stay a while...

I am a first-time mom to a son born 12/10/12. And this blog is pretty baby-centric these days, with a dash of natural mama. But that's not what I am all about. Occasionally I write about shoes, for they were my first love. Sometimes, I just write about whatever is on my mind, or I like to gush about my favorite things. Sometimes I post photos of resale and vintage fashion or antique and thrift shop finds because it's fun and cheaper than paying retail. (Which is really difficult for me to do, but don't always have to thanks to zulily and GILT, can I get an amen?)

I'm passionate about making a difference with my dollar, so I like to support companies that give back (either to charity or are kind to Mother Earth), and I try to buy goods that are Fair Trade Certified or Made in USA as much as possible. I think artsy fartsy stuff is really cool (like museums, photography, street art, and cultural festivals). Ever since I changed my diet to boost my fertility, we've enjoyed eating healthier foods, buying organic produce and products, and shopping at farmers' markets. But sometimes I indulge, and I like to write about those experiences too.

"Queso Suizo" is Spanish for Swiss cheese. When I moved to Switzerland with Isaiah, in late September of 2008, I started this blog to document our adventure. I blogged about our travels (and ways we saved money), my observations of Swiss culture, how to live on a budget in the land of Rolex, and the overall follies of life abroad. (I also played nanny a bit while there, so I write a little about that too.)  I even wrote about learning a new language. When we moved back to San Diego, CA in July of 2010, I had grown a bit addicted to blogging and I knew I wanted to keep blogging. Since my blogging experience in Switzerland started it all, I decided to keep my old posts and keep the same title, even though I now rarely write about Swiss stuff or cheese

And since I wouldn't be who I am today without my experience living abroad, this blog is a sort of homage to those nearly two years of life among the cows. Enjoy!

The header photo that started it all...